Striking the Right Chord

 Gail Federici, CEO of Federici Brands, explains how she feels about marketing with music. I think this is an extremely pertinent topic, since in my Art of Mixing class, Scott LeGere has been discussing career options making music that can be lucrative, which includes marketing and promotion. Federici mentions, “I am unapologetically happy when performers are successful in manipulating me.” This sentiment is rarely discussed but we all like to be tricked or influenced by certain things. Music can be one of the most influential aspects of advertising.  It can be used to reach a demographic, provoke certain emotion, or convince us to change or take action. She discusses that music has been an instrumental tool in her success, because she would play to the demographic when selecting music. She explains, “Popular culture connects people of a generation. It is relatable. It’s fun. It gives a brand a personality. It makes the consumer feel that you are on the same page.” These statements are completely true- people want to feel like they relate, and they are attracted to others like them. Something that has become a crucial aspect of my career I have tried to put extra focus on is branding. Branding is the sounds, images, people, style, feeling you become associated with. I have come to realize that this needs to be intensely planned and thought through, because it sticks with you for a long time and its confusing to people when you suddenly change your branding. Another section of ideas I found made very much sense, when Gail reasons, “Weaving pop culture into our marketing and advertising efforts is natural to us. It’s not forced. I think whenever you can incorporate one of your passions into your brand, you will find an audience with whom it will resonate loudly.” I agree in that your brand should be organic to you- it should come natural. I am hopeful that we can each make our own brands true and organic to ourselves and our passions, and that our choices in branding come from a place of honesty. 


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