A New Problem?

A New Problem?

I don’t really buy this article. I am 20 years old- the same age as Ariana Grande, OneDirection, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and many other stars who rose to fame quickly. Yes, they’re attractive, and yes, social media played an integral part in their explosion of fame. Using those tools to their advantage doesn’t detract from the value of their craft. Sure, they might not always write their songs and the production of the most popular mainstream youngins is centered around the voice and the synthetic instruments or beat typically. But, if performing and connecting to an audience or just singing pretty for people to hear is their passion then why does someone need to say they’re not artists- they’re fads? I cant speak to a sustainable career for the big names of today because their careers are in the first chapters , but their fans seem extremely devoted. I heard a story of some girls waiting outside Justin Biebers hotel for some 24 hours, camped out waiting to catch just a glimpse of his in person. If that’s isn’t dedication then I don’t know what is. A true fan can be quiet, loud, or anywhere in between. Just because the stars of the generations past weren’t being flowed the way sensations are today doesn’t mean the fandom is any less authentic. The tools we have today are there for us to use- if this technology was available for the previous generations, they would’ve used it to their advantage as well. Artists explode today through social media because people are on social media and can find artists so quickly- going viral could be a blessing or a curse, but either way, you get your craft and message out more efficiently than ever imagined. Maybe the older generation does not understand why the millennials behave this way, but we will have to wait to see if the sudden fame trend of artists today yield sustainable fandoms and careers. I don’t think it’s a question of artistry- an artist could be zen and spiritual about their music, or an artist can just have the goal of making something sound cool so people shake their butts when they hear it. Either way, we as fellow industry members aren’t here to judge the validity of someone’s idea of artistry. Even if fame changes people, that doesn’t necessarily mean the product output has less quality. Take the Beatles, they were on a TV show once and were an instant sensation across the nation- they have had one of the most sustainable careers and consistent fan base. I don’t think it’s fair to make blanket statements about the millennials because yes we are different, but so is the world we are growing up in. This might be an incoherent tangent but i feel these discussions can be though provoking. 


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